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The ‘Forward USA Foundation’ is dedicated to the education of U.S. citizens and leaders on how to attain two goals: 1) ‘Save the USA’ from its current financial and social problems, and 2) Promote growth into a future of increasing Liberty, Peace, Prosperity, Morality, and Justice for ALL through better (limited) government! Please help us ‘spread the word’ to attain these goals.

A sound monetary system is essential for prosperity. Go to Part 1 in the left margin for info on my ‘People’s Gold Money Commission’, a national organization which works to replace our current system of fake money, and the counterproductive Fed, with gold as money (and redeemable paper notes and base-metal coins for convenience).

Your discussions with friends, plus reading and sharing this web site and my two books; ‘Monetary Revolution USA’ (problems with our present Dollar system, and how to implement the gold standard) and ‘Rebuild America Now’ (a plan for what our President should do) can be very effective. Both books discuss problems and offer solutions, and are available on I focus on the Federal government because it is the origin of the most damage, such as 1) Fake money which allows excess spending, and 2) Wars for empire (not defense).

I am building a national team to promote the Forward USA message and operate the ‘People’s Gold Money Commission’. If you wish to volunteer to start or join a State affiliate, or make a suggestion, please go to Part 7 in the left margin. Thanks

The USA is a failing empire, with all of the major signs such as; 1) A fiat paper currency (not redeemable for a commodity such as gold) falling in value (purchasing power), 2) A corrupt government which ignores the Constitution and many laws, and 3) Consumer-oriented citizens that expect the government to take care of them using ‘other people’s money’. All empires in history have failed, and the USA is in the failure stage. Over 90% of our Congress persons are careerists who will do almost anything to keep and enhance their plush jobs and pensions. The same applies to the Executive branch and all the bureaucrats who work for it and Congress. Most of them are self-serving parasites. We must fight them and restore our government to its proper role of just defending our rights, as written in the Constitution. It is not the government’s job to manage the economy and control our lives and the world! Our current economic and social problems show they make things worse! History, and the world around us today, proves that free enterprise and limited government work best to create more peace, prosperity, liberty, justice and morality (less lying and theft) for all.

The message of the Forward-USA Foundation consists of this web site, and my books ‘Rebuild America Now’ (US problems and solutions; most of the text is from this web site), and ‘Monetary Revolution USA’ (abolish the Federal Reserve System and allow private mints to make gold as money; the text is at Part 2 in the left margin of this site). Both are available on See my bio at Part 6 in the left margin of this site.

The goal of the project is to bring awareness to US citizens of the causes of, and  solutions to, our serious social, economic, and governance problems, so we can all enjoy more peace, prosperity, liberty, justice, and ethics. As more people become concerned about the likely crash of the US Dollars’ value (purchasing power), the precarious state of our economy,  and our illegal and immoral (power and oil seeking) ‘Empire-USA’, we will have mass support to bring pressure on Congress to make changes in our national policies.