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A. Donations; Mail your check, payable to 'Forward USA', to the Contact address below. Thanks. All funds are deposited in our account at the 'UW Credit Union', Madison, WI.  An annual amount of $25 is suggested. My authors’ cost for the book is $4, plus about $ 5 for shipping (in to me and out to a ‘leader’). A book, with a letter, will be sent each year (to refresh their brains) to all Congresspersons, Senators, Judges, key staff persons, and candidates.  Dave will make appearances as a radio, TV, or seminar speaker, guest, or panel member.Donations are not tax deductible. All are deposited in a segregated account managed by Dave. Funds are used  only for Club expenses. Dave receives no pay.

B. Feedback: I want to know what you think about my web site, what I say, and what I am are trying to accomplish. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks

C Volunteer: If you want to work with me in the 'Club to Restore the USA', send me your email address and comments on what you prefer to do. Thanks.

D. Contact: Dave's e-address is:  RedickD@AOL.com . Send checks via US mail to;

 'Forward USA'

PO Box 8432,

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