The influence of digital technologies becomes more and more noticeable in almost all spheres of our life. This trend has also affected the sphere of mail processing. We do not take into account e-mail – we only consider physical letters. But even here, it’s clear that virtual mail forwarding services are replacing the old classic ones. Answering the question in the article’s header, we can instantly say that modern mail forwarding services outperform traditional ones by most parameters.

How did the old Mail Forwarding forwarding services work?

Previously, the term Mail Forwarding was relatively narrow. This service allows performing limited but useful tasks. All mail coming to your MF address gets forwarded to your actual address. It’s convenient if you change your place of residence quite often or go on long trips.

Your MF address always remains the same, and when changing the actual address, it’s enough to make changes in your provider profile. But there are a lot of inconveniences in various situations. For example, there can be a problem when mail gets forwarded to your old address when you have already moved. It is necessary to monitor these processes constantly.

How do the new Mail Forwarding services work?

To read mail in virtual Mail Forwarding Services, you do not need to forward mail at all. The received correspondence is scanned and structured in the application from the provider. You don’t have to wait several days for the letter to reach your actual address – you can read it in a few minutes on your phone or computer! In addition, virtual mail forwarding providers also retain the ability to physically forward mail. If you need to receive the originals of your letters – you can request physical mail forwarding.


The choice is always at your discretion. But in most cases, virtual mailbox wins against outdated mail forwarding services. At the same time, the service tariffs for both of them are practically the same. Still, with modern virtual mailbox services, you get much more opportunities and comfort for the same price!